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Augmented reality (AR) and wayfinding are two distinct technologies that can be combined to create enhanced navigation and location-based experiences.

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Stadiums and Concert Venues

Revamp the fan experience by incorporating AR navigation for seat finding, washroom location, and vendor discovery, accompanied by dynamic special offers, ads, and branded AR activations filling the airspace.


Events and Tradeshows

Simplify tradeshow navigation and booth location with AR wayfinding, utilizing the airspace for seamless AR-powered marketing and captivating branded displays.



Save customers valuable time with AR wayfinding for locating merchants and products, simultaneously boosting brand engagement and fostering customer loyalty through personalized proximity-based promotions in the augmented reality airspace.


Museums and Galleries

Elevate the exhibition journey with AR guided tours, navigating visitors seamlessly, while offering artists and curators a canvas in the airspace to present an augmented reality showcase of artifacts in a dynamic and engaging manner.



Transform resident stays with augmented reality-powered indoor navigation, making movement seamless while introducing entertaining and informative AR content into their daily living spaces.


Real Estate

Provide a personalized property exploration journey with AR wayfinding and curated guided tours, allowing prospective tenants and buyers to envision the property's potential with immersive AR staging.



Facilitate seamless navigation across the university campus for students, visitors, and faculty staff with augmented reality wayfinding, offering engaging educational and entertaining AR activations along the journey.



Streamline the navigation of medical facilities, reduce staff interruptions, and enhance appointment punctuality with AR turn-by-turn navigation and detailed visitor information.


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